A Child's Christmas in Wales

By Dylan Thomas. Directed by Sian Williams

Performed on Thursday 25th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June 2010 at Pentyrch Village Hall


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It is Christmas 1923 in Swansea, Wales. Will the fire in Mrs. Prothero’s kitchen finally burn the house down? Will a hole have to be cut into the roof for the Christmas pine? And who sent young Dylan that mysterious package?

Published in 1955, A Child's Christmas In Wales is Dylan Thomas’ anecdotal sketch of the festive season and a nostalgic and affectionate look back on Christmases past. Through Thomas’ brilliant prose and poetry, the atmosphere and magic of Christmas is recreated like never before.


Cast (in order of appearance)

Dylan Thomas (Adult)                         Mike Beavan

Dylan Thomas (Child)                         Matthew Brettle

Mother                                                     Helen Jones

Father                                                      Iain Campbell

Postman                                                 Tim Driscoll

Jim (Dylan's Friend)                            Joe Morris

Jack (Dylan's Friend)                         Meredith Edwards

Tom (Dylan's Friend)                          Christopher Conway

Smoky (The Park Keeper)                 Mark Pinches

Hannah (Dylan's Aunt)                       Pat Beavan

Gwyn (Dylan's Uncle)                         Steve Williams

Nellie (Gwyn's Wife)                            Sue O'Halloran

Glyn (Dylan's Uncle)                           Tim Driscoll

Brenda (Dylan's Cousin)                   Jenna Claridge

Glenda (Dylan's Cousin)                   Carla Gambarini

Tudyr                                                     Dai Williams

Bessie                                                   Helen Page

Elieri (Dylan's Aunt)                           Fleur Greening

Murgatroyd (Hotel Chauffeur)         Bill Pithers

Fireman 1                                             Mark Pinches

Fireman 2 & 3                                      Rhys Stapleton

Constable Lloyd-Jones                    Mark Pinches

Lover 1                                                  Rhys Stapleton

Lover 2                                                  Laura Hallas


Production Team 

Director/Producer                              Sian williams

Assistant Director                              Brenda Slaughter

Stage Manager                                    Llwyd Herniman

Set Design/Construction                  Wayne Brewer, Llwyd Herniman, Rhys Stapleton

Scenic Artist                                         Rhys Stapleton

Scenic Painters                                   Rhys Stapleton, Tracey Fox & Jan Stapleton

Wardrobe                                              Jan Stapleton, Sue Gambarini & Ros Jones

Properties                                             Lynne Newbury

Sound                                                    Wayne Brewer

Lighting Design                                  Llwyd Herniman

Continuity                                             Fiona Jackson

Business Manager                             Richard Jones

Programme                                          Dai Williams

House Manager                                  Richard Jones

Bar Manager                                        Iain Campbell, Ray Claridge

Front of House                                    Members and Friends of Hilltop

Box Office                                             Brenda Slaughter


Acknowledgements                             Thanks to Beulah Players & to Pontypridd Theatre Company