Summer 'Fun' Draiser

                   Below is a selection of photographs from A Day in the Life & A Musical Review, Saturday 23rd July 2010, at Pentyrch Village Hall.


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A day in the Life follows the family of Mortimer Dexter as they gather in his living room for of the reading of his late, but not lamented, step-Father’s will. Unsurprisingly, there are surprises in store for the whole bunch. What Mortimer thought would be the start of a new life full of the riches of inheritance slowly turns into his worst nightmare. Not only are there bizarre revelations read out in the Will, but the Will reading itself is also interspersed and interrupted with shock announcements / confessions and the arrival of unexpected characters, and poor old Mortimer seems to be at the centre of everything


Mortimer Dexter                  Huw Williams

Lillian Dexter                        Fiona Jackson

Worthing Dexter                  Steve Williams

Carmen Dexter                     Anna Constantinou

Melanie Dexter                     Jennifwr Chandler

Vincent Bramwell               John Crimmins

The Dealer                            Gavin Johnson

Hamilton Berwick               Joey Giles

D.S. Norman Bathwater     Phil Davies

Constable Fleck                   Bill Pithers

Mr Wallace Andrews         Richard Jones

                                  Musical Review & Entertainers  

Compare                         Phil Davies

Solo Singers                   John Sadler, Liam Daly, Linda Coombes, Sam Logan

Entertainment               Phil Davies & Steve Williams


Organised by                                Bob Petersen & Richard Jones

'A Day in the Life' Director       Richard Jones

Lighting/Sound/Music               Wayne Brewer, Llwyd Hernimen & Liam Daly

Marketing/Business                   Richard Jones & Bob Petersen

F.O.H                                              Members of Hilltop

Box Office                                     Sue Gambarini

A Day in the Life

Lillian Dexter (Fiona Jackson) invites Vincent Bramwell (John Crimmins) in for the reading of Mortimer Dexter's (Huw Williams) late step-fathers Will.



Lillian & Mortimer converse as Vincent reads Will, Carmen Dexter (Anne Constantinou)  Revelations are being divulged with Melanie (Jennifwr Chandler) announcing she is      looks on, with Worthing Dexter non interested as he reads the paper.                               pregnant, Mortimer her father cannot believe what he is hearing


It seems that what was meant to be a day of inheritance revelation for Mortimer Dexter, has slowly turning into a nightmare



             Mortimer listens closely at what Vincent is reading out in the Will                           Mortimer looks to the heavens as he cannot believe what he hears, as

                                                                                                                                                                    Carmen & Worthing Dexter look in disbelief

        Mortimer finally cracks under the news that he does not inherit the 2,000,000.00 the rest of his siblings do unless his wife Lillian divorce's him and he sails around

the world on his own in a dingy. Oh & there's the news of Melanie's pregnancy & the fact it could be one of 3 people.


  The Dealer (Gavin Johnson) potential father number 1 arrives to create more havoc for Mortimer.                Hamilton Berwick (Joey Giles) potential father number 2 to  

                                                                                                                                                                          Melanie's baby. Lillian & Mortimer look in disgust

Everything starts to get a bit manic in the Dexter household, The revelation that either The Dealer or Hamilton could be the father of Melanie's unborn baby. Plus the news that he could get a possible windfall of all his siblings inheritance if he successfully sails around the World has made Mortimer a bit hysterical, he celebrates by dancing on the chair.


(Left) DS Norman Bathwater (Phil Davies) & Constable Fleck (Bill Pithers) arrive to ask Mortimer some questions.  (Right) DS Bathwater has a revelation that Mortimer is a leading suspect in a murder investigation.


Carmen Dexter has a proposition for Constable Fleck after Learning that to inherit her money from her late step-father she must get married.

Musical Review


The second half of the fundraiser, entitled 'A Musical Review, was compared by Phil Davies who introduced the acts & also introduced a music/film based quiz into the mix. Liam Daly sang two songs finishing off with 'Nessun Dorma'. Linda Coombes sang a medley of songs.



       John Sadler sings two songs. Sam Logan mimics the legendary Louis Armstrong & sings 'What a Wonderful World'. Steve Williams read out a very funny Monologue  


John Sadler & Linda Coombes sing a duet together & enjoy the experience


The Bows, including 'A Day in the Life' Cast & the Musical Review participants