Our annual Spring Musical was Godspell, Directed by Siān Williams, Musical Direction by Linda Coombes & Choreography by Laura Hallas

Godspell was performed from Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th March 2012


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  Dress Rehearsal Act 1


Jesus (James Randell) greets John the Baptist (Iain Campbell) during 'Save the People' as the company look on.


            Jesus (James Randell) paints the face of John the Baptist (Iain Campbell)     Rhys Stapleton jumps into the arms of Becky Church in shock


Alice Jarvis plays the brother in the 'Parable of the Altar' scene, as the company react around her


     Helen Page imitates Shirley Temple when telling off Clare Spear               Helen Page sings a beautiful rendition of 'Day by Day' as Jesus listens 


           Fleur Greening & Chris Conway in an 'Eye for an Eye' scene   'The Good Samaritan' Rhys Stapleton playing 'Man', Fiona Jackson playing a Judge.

            Alice Jarvis & Susan (Glad) Llewellyn hold a broom that represents the stage.


       Susan Llewellyn & Alice Jarvis fight over who will take the broom back, whilst Judas (Iain Campbell)

& Helen Page help out as the Company all react


                                        Jenna Claridge sings 'Learn Your Lessons Well'                Chris Conway & Rhys Stapleton (Hands) perform 'Rich Man' story


                               Judas & Jesus dance to 'All for the Best'                             Company perform (Stage Left) Jazz hands move during 'All for the Best'

               Company including; Corey Bridgeman, Laura Hallas, Sam Logan, Carla Gambarini, Susan Llewellyn, Fiona Jackson, Clare Spear, Rhys Stapleton, Becky Church  & Abby Dawson take part in the 'Parable of the Sower'

Alice Jarvis sings 'All Good Gifts' entrancingly as the Company gather around ready to sing.


Corey Bridgeman sings 'Light of the World' along with the Company

Dress Rehearsal Act 2    


     Helen, Becky & Iain watch Fleur, who is singing 'Turn back Oh Man' as she makes her way through the audience. Fleur & Company freeze as Jesus sings his verse.   


          Female Company dance with high kicks whilst chorus sing 'Turn back Oh Man'                Corey, Chris & Helen imitate Pharisees' as James sings 'Alas for You'


           Corey Bridgeman sings 'We Beseech Thee' as the Company dance behind     Abby Dawson asks James "where are you going" before her sond 'By my Side


Abby Dawson sings 'By my Side' mesmerizingly as Jenna Claridge harmonizes beautifully for a spine tingling performance together


 Corey sings 'We Beseech Thee, Hear us' as Company dance behind    Company in view include; Anna Constantinou, Chris Conway, Iain Campbell & Fleur Greening 


Abby Dawson sings 'Beautiful City' as Judas (Iain Campbell) & Fleur sit listening contently

Jesus (James Randell) performs Hebrew Blessing & hands around Metzo Bread & Wine to the Company. 


          Emma Larder sings 'On the Willow along with harmonies by Clare, Jenna & Alice    The Company turn into serpents/devil's & create a barrier behind James

Corey Bridgeman & Sam Logan pick up James Randell as the rest of Company help.


      Jesus (James Randell) has been put on the cross, as the Company all gather around crying & howling as James sings Finale 'Oh God, im Bleeding' as Company echo.

Jesus (James)  has been crucified on the cross as Company break down at his feet.

James has been resurrected & joins Judas & Company on stage for reprise of 'Prepare Ye' & 'Day By Day'


Left - Right, Back - Front

Clare Spear, Anna Constantinou, Alice Jarvis, Chris Conway, Laura Hallas, Iain Campbell, Becky Church, James Randell & Jan Stapleton

Susan (Glad) Llewellyn, Emma Larder, Laura Thompson, Fleur Greening, Abby Dawson & Jenna Claridge

Corey Bridgeman

Sam Logan, Helen Page, Rhys Stapleton, Fiona Jackson & Carla Gambarini