Guys 'N' Dolls

Director: Amanda Campbell, Musical Director: Linda Coombes, Choreography: Laura Hallas




Performed from Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th April 2013


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Guys 'N' Dolls

Fugue for Tin Horn

Benny (Iain Campbell) Rusty (Mike Walsh) & Nicely Nicely (Mike Beavan)

Follow the Fold

Mission band lead by Sarah Brown (Rhiannon Owen) centre. Left: Judith Smith, right: Hilary Evans

I'll Know


Left: Sky (James Randell) & Sarah Brown (Rhiannon Owen) sing "I'll Know" Right: Rhiannon Owen


 Sky Masterson (James Randell) Kisses Sarah Brown (Rhiannon Owen).

A Bushel & A Peck

Lead by Miss Adelaide (Angie Dymott) the hot box gals consist of Laura Hallas (Choreographer), Angela Driscoll, Anna Constantinou, Carla Gambarini, Emma Amos & Lauren Harris

Adelaide's Lament


Left: Adelaide (Angie Dymott) Sits down in the club.

 Guys 'N' Dolls


Left: Benny (Iain Campbell) & Nicely Nicely Johnson (Mike Beavan) Right: Nicely & Benny in the "Guys N Dolls" number

Before Havana


Left: Benny (Iain Campbell) & Nathan Detroit (Tim Driscoll) Right: Benny, Harry the Horse (Steve Williams) & Nicely Johnson (Mike Beavan), Benny & Nicely ask Harry where the "crap game" will be.



Left: On thier arrival in Havana Sky (James Randell) stops at a restaurant with Miss Brown (unseen). Waiter played by Drew Heursch. Right: Miss Brown (Rhiannon Owen) & Sky drop into a cocktail bar.

An atmosphere of joyous & dance hits the streets with Lauren Harris (centre) & the company (unseen). Dan Walsh as cocktail waiter in background.

The majority of the company including the "Hot Box Girls" who double up as Salsa & Cuban dancers create a vibrant festival scene which is led by Ken Bailey & Christella Constantinou (centre).


Everything begins to get frosty & fights start breaking out. Anna Constantinou (centre) storms away as Richard Jones & Mike Beavan double up as Cuban gentries, who also start to brawl with each other (right). Miss Brown just continues drinking (Left)

If I were a Bell


Left: Sky & Miss Brown leave the Bar chaos behind them, with Miss Brown a little worse for wear after all the cocktails she had drank. Sky is left to catch her as she sings "If I were a Bell"

Right: Miss Brown (Rhiannon Owen) beautifully sings "If I were a Bell"

I've Never Been in Love Before


Sky & Miss Brown sing the closing number of the first half "I've Never been in Love before"

Act ii

Take Back your Mink

The Hot Box Girls left-right: Emma Amos, Lauren Harris, Angela Driscoll, Angie Dymott, Laura Hallas, Anna Constantinou & Carla Gambarini sing & dance "Take back you Mink, to open Act ii.

Adelaide's 2nd Lament

 Angie Dymott sings her 2nd Lament


Right: Brannigan (Huw Williams) enters, trying to stop floating crap games. Nathan Detroit (Tim Driscoll) makes up an excuse that everyone is there as its an engagement party for Adelaide & himself

Before "More I cannot Wish for"

Sky (James Randell) tries to tell Miss Sarah Brown (Rhiannon Owen, off) that he is not the man she thinks he is. As Arvide (Phil Davies) & Nicely Johnson (Mike Beavan) look on.

More I cannot Wish for

Arvide (Phil Davies) sings "More than I can Wish for" to Sarah (Rhiannon Owen) his grand daughter.

Luck be a Lady

The male company shooting some craps before the number Left-right: Mike Walsh, Dan Walsh, Tim Driscoll, Mike Beavan, Iain Campbell, James Randell, Steve Williams, John Crimmins, Drew Heursch, Richard Clutterbuck & Richard Jones.


Sky (James Randell) starts the song "Luck be a Lady" as the crap shooters pose in a freeze frame behind.

The finale of the number includes the chorus shouting 'roll it' 'roll it' with Sky rolling the dice  for all their souls.

Sue Me


Adelaide (Angie Dymott) & Nathan (Time Driscoll) sing "Sue Me". Nathan is always putting off giving a date for Adelaid & his wedding. Adelaide accuses Nathan of always lying to her about gambling & where he goes when they are not together.

Sit down, you're Rockin' the Boat

The Mission is waiting approaches 12 midnight & still no sign of any souls. General Cartwright (Brenda Slaughter) is about to close the Mission. 

Fortunately Sky (James Randell) who had rolled for the crap shooters souls, at 1,000 each, won the bet and so reluctantly all the shooters turn up to the Mission as promised. to the right some soul searchers gather to watch & listen to what they have to say

Nicely Johnson (Mike Beavan) tells of a dream he had & it went something like this "I dreamed last night I got on the boat to heaven".


"And the devil will drag you under, by the  sharp lapels of your checkered coat"

"And as I sank And I hollered "Someone Save Me!" That's the moment I woke up Thank the Lord!

Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, you're rockin' the boat.

 After Rockin' the Boat

After "Rockin' the Boat" General Cartwright finishes the service by singing the hymn "Follow the Fold" Left-Right: Richard Jones, Richard Clutterbuck, Mike Beavan, Tim Driscoll, John Crimmins & Drew Heursch

An illegal crap game was broken up in the Mission by Lt. Brannigan (Huw Williams) the previous night & is asking whether Nathan Detroit (Tim Driscoll) knew anything about it.

Adelaide Meets Sarah "Marry the Man today"

Both confused to whether their men can change & is it worth marrying them inspite of their flaws, Adelaide (Angie Dymott) & Sarah Brown (Rhiannon Owen) sing the number "Marry the Man today"

The Happy Ending

Nathan & Adelaide are on their way to get married, however Nathan has forgotten to book a place for the wedding on such short notice. Sky arrives late as the Bass Drum player in the Mission Band, to everyone' delight.

The Happy Ending with both couples married lead the finale "Guys n Dolls" reprise

The Final Note of the show lifts the roof, and brings to an end a fabulous musical

Everyone waits for the curtain Call, acknowledging the band