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                                 Our Winter 2011 production was the Play version of 'Sweeney Todd' by C. G. Bond. This was directed by Helen Page & performed from

Thursday 17th - Saturday 19th November.     


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  Rich Chorus


Sweeney Todd (Martyn Lewis) Tobias Ragg (Meredith Edwards) & Mrs Lovett (Fleur Greening)



                                   A selection of costume photographs from Sweeney Todd, Tobias & Mrs Lovett in poses relating to scenes from the production

Death By Todd


Sweeney Todd (Martyn Lewis) is in a killing mood, no one is safe from his razor. The Beggar Woman (Helen Page), The Gentleman 'The Human Bear' (John Sadler) & Judge Turpin (Phil Davies) all come to a sticky end.


Todd stands up to the black mailing Alfredo (Mark Pinches) left. Mrs Lovett (Fleur Greening) admires Todd's silver handled Razor, middle, & Alfredo shaves Tobias Ragg (Meredith Edwards) right.


Jonas Fogg (Dai Williams) with Asylum child Johanna (Becky Church) left, Tobias Ragg (Meredith Edwards) with his master Signor Pirelli (Mark Pinches) middle, Sweeney Todd shaves Anthony Hope (Tim Driscoll) his friend the Sea Captain

Dress Rehearsal Photographs


Todd attends to 'The Human Bear" (John Sadler) 's hair loss problem, left, Judge Turpin (Phil Davies) comes close to a gruesome end, middle, Tobias Ragg comes looking for his Master 'Signor Pirelli' at Sweeney Todd's barber shop


Anthony Hope (Tim Driscoll) is heartbroken that Johanna has been placed in Jonas Foggs Asylum, left, Todd & Mrs Lovett (Fleur Greening) hatch a plan together, right


The street folk enjoy Mrs Lovett's new & succulent Pies, including; left - right Donald Johnson, Brenda Slaughter & Fiona Jackson, whilst Mrs Lovett feeds them & Tobias Ragg has a conversation outside with the Beggar Woman (Helen Page)


Anthony Hope rescues Johanna (Becky Church) from Jonas Foggs Asylum & disguises her as a boy, left, Judge Turpin (Phil Davies) arrives at the barber shop where Todd has already killed the Beggar Woman (Helen Page) & makes out that she is in fact Johanna, right.


Mrs Lovett asks the Beadle (Dai Williams) if he would eat the Pie she prepared for Todd, left, Beadle tucks into the Pie & is asked whether he wants some ale to swig it down, middle, The Beadle visits the barber shop where Todd concocts a story about hidden jewels in order to trick & get him in the chair, right.


Todd discovers that the Beggar Woman is really Lucy his wife, Mrs Lovett doesn't speak, left, Todd gets emotional that he has accidently killed his wife by mistake, while Mrs Lovett tries to get Todd to continue their plan, which should see them leave together to the sea, right.


Tobias Ragg, half mad enters the Cellar whilst Todd mourns the loss of Lucy i.e. The Beggar Woman.