The Corn is Green 

       Our 30th & final production of the 2011/12 season was Emlyn Williams' 'The Corn is Green', directed by Karen Claridge

'The Corn is Green' was performed from Thursday 21st - Saturday 23rd June 2012


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  Costume Photographs

Morgan Evans (Tom Powell) & Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge)  



Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) & Morgan Evans - Morgan Evans & Bessie Watty  -  Mr Jones (Hywel Davies), Miss Moffat & Miss Ronberry (Cerys Morling)

Villager (Sara Pickard), Idwal Morris (Jared Chinnock), Old Tom (Donald Johnson), Bessie Watty, Morgan Evans, Goronwy Jones & Miss Ronberry re-enact a school room scene from the play.



Mr Jones, Miss Moffat, Mrs Watty (Fiona Jackson), Bessie Watty, Miss Ronberry & the Squire (Huw Williams)

Dress Rehearsal Photographs


Left: Miss Ronberry (Cerys Morling) & Mr John Goronwy Jones (Hywel Davies) begin unpacking the many books of L. C. Moffat in anticipation of his arrival.

Right: Idwal Morris (Jared Chinnock) a local young teenager arrives from the garden carrying a bunch of flowers.


Left: The Squire (Huw Williams) has a question for young Idwal Morris (Jared Chinnock).

Right: L.C. Moffat (Delyth Coleman) shocks Miss Ronberry (Cerys Morling) & Mr Jones (Hywel Davies) by being a woman, as they thought the L.C. in her name stood for Lieutenant Colonel.


Left: Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) divulges her plans to Miss Ronberry (Cerys Morling) for the teenagers of the village to attend a school she is in the process of creating, as Mr Jones (Hywel Davies) looks on.

Right: The Squire (Huw Williams) finds it hard that Miss Moffat has an MA in the arts, which she worked very hard for in Aberdeen, whilst The Squire' says that his father bought him his.


Left: Mrs Watty (Fiona Jackson) allays her problems to Miss Moffat as she prepares the tea, as Miss Ronberry sits quietly on the settle reading a book.     

Right: Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge) Mrs' Watty' daughter talks with Miss Moffat, as Mr Jones stands in anticipation.


Left: The miners of the village are in the make-shift Schoolroom; Morgan Evans (Tom Powell), Robbart Robbatch (Chris Conway) & Glyn Thomas (Conor Brewer) muck about as Morgan Evans asks Miss Moffat for a kiss.

Right: Morgan Evans, Robbart Robbatch & Glyn Thomas exit the Schoolroom via the garden door


Left: Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge) sits contemplating on the chaise-lounge

Right: Bessie talks to Mr Jones (Hywel Davies) about how her mother Mrs Watty (Fiona Jackson) tells lies & hides her sweeties



Left: Sarah Pugh (Becky Church) the post mistress, delivers a letter to Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) about the empty barn next door, that Miss Moffat is trying to turn into a Schoolhouse.

Right: The Squire (Huw Williams) calls around unexpectedly, causing a nuisance to Miss Moffat


Idwal Morris (Jared Chinnock) & Morgan Evans (Tom Powell) get ready to carry out the new School bell on the orders of The Squire


Left: After reading an extract from the pupils workbooks Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) discovered her pupil Morgan Evans (Tom Powell) had some promise & went through some of his work with him.

Right: Morgan Evans corrects his work as Miss Moffat dictates the grammatical errors to him, explaining the correct spellings of words.

The Cast & Villagers sing Calon Lan in the make-shift Schoolroom conducted by Miss Ronberry, Bessie (Flora Kerridge) sits bored at the table.


Left: Idwal Morris (Jared Chinnock), Old Tom (Donald Johnson), Sarah Pugh (Becky Church) Glyn Thomas (Conor Brewer) & Robbart Robbatch (Chris Conway) all listen intently in class at Miss Ronberry

Right: Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) has caught Morgan Evans (Tom Powell) in a bad mood & asks whether he has done his homework. Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge) sits mocking Morgan, as a teachers pet.


Left: Morgan Evans (Tom Powell) arrives back at the schoolhouse a little drunk. Morgan & Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) exchange words as Morgan finds it difficult to work under Miss Moffat's rules.

Right: Morgan Evans is near to tears as he tells Miss Moffat that the village know him as "Ci bach yr Ysgol", meaning 'the schoolmistresses' little dog'


Left: The Squire (Huw Williams) lets Miss Ronberry (Cerys Morling) that he does not want to be insulted by Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) again

Right: Miss Ronberry tells Miss Moffat what she really thinks about the Squire


Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge) tells Morgan Evans (Tom Powell) all the things she likes, including; sweets, ear-rings, I like to shake my head like a lady.....


Left: Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge) & Mr Jones (Hywel Davies) arrive after a long journey, she speaks with Miss Moffat about her being pregnant with Morgan Evan's baby. Miss Moffat is shocked & asks her not to tell Morgan as he is about to sit his Oxford examination. Mrs Watty (Fiona Jackson) stands by the side listening intently.

Right: Mr Jones doesn't want Bessie Watty to spoil all the hard work Miss Moffat has done for Morgan Evans & as he has a soft spot for Bessie Watty he asks her if she would marry him, as he would be prepared to look after her & the baby. Bessie Watty doesn't want to offend Mr Jones but says that even she has limits.


Left: After the bell for end of class, Sarah Pugh (Becky Church) comes to pick up her father Old Tom (Donald Johnson), class dismissed.

Right: Sarah Pugh gets Old Tom's waistcoat & cane as Idwal Morris (Jared Chinnock) talks with Miss Ronberry.


Left: Bessie Watty (Flora Kerridge) is stirring up trouble with Miss Ronberry (Cerys Morling) & the Squire (Huw Williams), telling the Squire that she has given birth not 4 weeks ago to a baby & that its Morgan Evans'.

Right: Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) Sits shell-shocked that all her hard work with Morgan Evans may have been in vain.

Morgan Evans after being told by the Squire that Bessie Watty is having his child, he confronts Miss Moffat & says that his duty is now to Bessie & not her.


Left: Miss Moffat lets Morgan Evans know that his duty is not to Bessie Watty as he did not promise her marriage & that if he were to throw away his future for Bessie Watty, then in a years time she would have left him & he would start drinking again & this time he would not stop. Forever more Morgan Evans would be that "uncouth village genius who once showed such promise".

Right: Miss Moffat tells Morgan Evans before he departs for Oxford, "you have no duty to me, Your only duty-is to the world.

Miss Moffat (Delyth Coleman) shuts the door behind Morgan Evans (Tom Powell), saying; "Moffat my girl, you mustn't be clumsy this time, you mustn't be clumsy". She exits into the kitchen where her adopted baby lays awaiting.

Cast & Villagers