Trivial Pursuits

Our Summer 2011 production was the hilarious comedy by Frank Vickery 'Trivial Pursuits'. This was directed by Jan Stapleton performed from Thursday 30th June - Saturday 2nd July.     


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Dress Rehearsal


 Mona (Jayne Edwards), Pearl (Karen Claridge), Joyce (Linda Coombes) & Teddy (Tim Driscoll) try & guess what Roz (Sin Williams) is thinking of

 in a game of Charades   


             Teddy (Tim Driscoll) takes over a drink for Derek (Bill Pithers) Deidre (Tracy Richards) ,centre, introduces Eddie (Dai Williams) to Derek


Eddie (Dai Williams) shows Derek (Bill Pithers) his 2" watch  television, Deidre (Tracy Richards) argues with Derek as Teddy (Tim Driscoll) runs in with a barbecue


Deidre (Tracy Richards), Derek (Bill Pithers) try & move out the way as Teddy (Tim Driscoll) runs around the garden with a hot BBQ, following are

Pearl (KarenClaridge), Joyce (Linda Coombes) & Jessica (Becky Church)

Joyce (Linda Coombes), Pearl (Karen Claridge), Deidre (Tracy Richards) & Roz (Sin Williams) all show concern at Teddy's (Tim Driscoll) burnt bandaged fingers

Derek (Bill Pithers) breaks up the conversation between Joyce (Linda Coombes) & Teddy (Tim Driscoll) about whether he looks silly with his bandaged fingers, whilst Pearl (Karen Claridge), Deidre (Tracy Richards) & Roz (Sin Williams) look on.

Derek (Bill Pithers) passes out & gets placed on the bench by Pearl (Karen Claridge),  Nick (Iain Campbell) & Roz (Sin Williams). However Teddy (Tim Driscoll) is more concerned about his fingers, as Roz & Deidre (Tracy Richards) try & comfort him.

Joyce (Linda Coombes), Pearl (Karen Claridge), Nick (Iain Campbell) Ros (Sin Williams) & Teddy (Tim Driscoll) all wait in anticipation as Deidre (Tracy Richards) checks Derek (Bill Pithers) for a pulse.

Joyce (Linda Coombes) checks Derek (Bill Pithers) for a heartbeat as he lay passed out on the bench

Mona (Jayne Edwards) shows off Jessica (Becky Church) in a costume for the musical 'West Side Story', Teddy (Tim Driscoll) says 'he's never seen anyone look less like a nun'.

Eddie (Dai Williams) carries out the television as he looks for the roof aerial. Roz (Sin Williams) points to where the aerial is on the extension as Mona (Jayne Edwards) & Pearl (Karen Claridge) watch on.


   Eddie (Dai Williams) laughing at Roz's (Sin Willaims) notion that the television has no pixilation.  Jessica (Becky Church) lays into everyone for gossiping, whilst Teddy (Tim Driscoll) lashes back at her outburst. Pearl (Karen Claridge), Roz (Sin Williams) & Deidre (Tracy Richards) comfort Joyce (Linda Coombes)


 Teddy (Tim Driscoll) needs the toilet, but no one wants to help with his zip.  Jessica (Becky Church), Teddy, Mona (Jayne Edwards), Deidre (Tracy Richards) & Pearl (Karen Claridge) all confront Nick (Iain Campbell) about his decision to put on 'Sweet Charity' instead of their own productions


Joyce (Linda Coombes) gets ready to perform her number 'If they could see me now'