A Christmas Carol

The Musical

Below is a selection of photographs from "A Christmas Carol", which was performed from Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th November 2013, at Pentyrch Village Hall.


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A Christmas Carol

Act I

Scene 1 - A Street in London

Half A Day to Christmas, Balloons, Hot Chestnuts, Prime Norfolk Turkey

Balloon Lady: Vanessa Jones with company including Hot Chestnut seller (right) Mike Beavan


Left: Mike Beavan sings Hot Chestnuts  

Right: Poulterer Gavin Johnson sings Prime Norfolk Turkey

Scene 2 - Scrooges Office

Christmas is Humbug, Charity is Humbug, Half a Day to Christmas

Scrooge Tim Driscoll with Bob Cratchit Iain Campbell

Bob Cratchit writes whilst Fred Liam Daly talks to his uncle Scrooge

Mrs Goodheart Hayley Dunne (left), Miss Goodheart Anna Constantinou (right) enter asking Scrooge for money for their charity

Scene 4 - Scrooges Bedroom

Fine Man of Business, I wear the chain I forged in life

Marley's Ghost Phil Davies appears in the mirror 

Jacob Marley (Phil Davies) appears through the fireplace as Scrooge (Tim Driscoll) cowers by his chair

Jacob Marley sings I wear the chains I forged in life

Scene 6 - A School Room

Going Home


Left: Boy Ebenezer Gwyn Hampton-Watkins sat at his desk

Right: School Master Mike Beavan enters as Scrooge (Tim Driscoll) watches intensely 

Scene 7 - Street

Scrooge (Tim Driscoll) with Ghost of Christmas Past Becky Church

Scene 8 - Fezziwig's Office

Heart of Gold, Fezziwig's Ball, Heart of Gold (reprise)


Left: Mr Fezziwig Howard Turnbull  with Belle Helen Sturchecher as Dick Wilkins Richard Jones writes at his desk

Right: Belle sings Heart of Gold with Young Scrooge Joey Gilles as Scrooge watches

Dick Wilkins (Richard Jones) toasts the Fezziwig's

Mr Fezziwig (Howard Turnbull) & Mrs Fezziwig Sue O'Halloran (centre) dance with company during the song Fezziwig's Ball

Act 2

Scene 9 - Scrooges Bedroom


Left: Scrooge (Tim Driscoll) hears a humming coming from his bed

Right: The Ghost of Christmas Present Mike Beavan climbs out from the bed singing Good King Wenceslas

Scene 10 - Street in London

Snow in London


Scrooge (Tim Driscoll, centre) moves amongst the villagers as they sing Snow Falling in London

Scene 11 - Cratchit's Kitchen

A Christmas Carol, A Story

Christmas Present (Mike Beavan) takes Scrooge to the cratchit house to see their christmas. Mrs Cratchit Fiona Jackson (right) is joined by the Cratchit children; Peter Luke Burling, Henry Connor Dunne, Violet Freya Roberts, Ann Angharad Keyse, Mary Elinor Brockhurst, Belinda Libby Beavan & Martha Alice Liney

Bob Cratchit (Iain Campbell) carries in Tiny Tim Dylan Jones


The Cratchit's all gather around to baste the goose

Tiny Tim Dylan Jones sings A Christmas Carol as Scrooge watches closely


Bob Cratchit (Iain Campbell) sings A Story to the children as Scrooge & Christmas Past (Mike beavan) watch intensely

Scene 13 - Fred's Parlour

A Lady who can Cook

Fred (Liam Daly) pours the wine to his wife Vanessa Jones & his Wife's sister Anna Constanitnou with Topper Harry Bate sitting close by

Fred (Liam Daly) starts to think of a game to play which excites Scrooge who wants to join in


Fred thinks of something to play & asks the rest to guess what he is thinking of, Fred however is only allowed to reply with Yes No answers. Scrooge joins in even though he cannot be seen or heard by the others. Christmas Present (Mike Beavan) watches this game escalate

Scene 14 - Street

Christmas Present (Mike Beavan) grows tired as the night draws in. Ignorance Nesta Comerford & Want Mari Boundy cling to Christmas Present which frieghtens Scrooge (Tim Driscoll)

Scene 15 - Street in London with Old Joe

He's Dead


Left: The Poulterer (Gavin Johnson) & Holly Seller Angela Driscoll sing He's dead

Right: Old Joe Steve Williams watches on


The Poulterer, Holly Seller & Old Joe all sing He's Dead

The Charwoman Fleur Greening & Mrs Dilber Karen Thomas try & sell what they have taken from Scrooges mansion to Old Joe (Steve Williams) who examines their items

Scene 17 - Graveyard

Tiny Tim


Left: Some of the Cratchit's stand over Tiny Tim's Grave mourning their loss singing Tiny Tim. The Ghost of Tiny Tim (Dylan Jones) can be seen on the right next to the Spirit of Christmas Future Richard Jones

Right: The rest of the Cratchit's enter to say their goodbyes as the Spirit stands pointing to Ebenezer's Grave  

Scrooge kneels beside Tiny Tim's Grave pleading with the Spirit not to let this happen to him & that he will change his ways.

Scene 19 - Street in London

Fine Norfolk Turkey reprise, A Christmas Carol reprise

After Scrooges dream he starts out to correct his ways singing Prime Norfolk Turkey (reprise) with the villagers all in a happy joyous mood on Christmas morning

Scrooge (Tim Driscoll) apologises to Mrs Goodheart (Hayley Dunne) & Miss Goodheart (Anna Constantinou) for chucking them out of his office & offers to give their charity a healthy sum.

Fred (Liam Daly) has been called on the notion that his uncle Scrooge has been acting strangely. Scrooge offers to look after Tiny Tim so that he will survive & he accepts Fred's offer to spend Christmas with him & his family.

The Full Cast & Company sing A Christmas carol reprise to end the production on a happy note.