Gallery - Annie

Below is a selection of photographs from Annie, which was performed on Wednesday 23 November - Saturday 26 November 2005, at Pentyrch Village Hall.


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1) Miss Hannigan (Linda Coombes) and Annie (Jodie Lunnon) at the Orphanage

2) Annie (Jodie Lunnon) meets Warbucks (Martyn Lench) and Miss Farrell (Siān Major) for the first time

3) Annie (Jodie Lunnon) is welcomed into Warbuck's Mansion by his servants

4) Dancing down Easy Street with Miss Hannigan (Linda Coombes), Rooster (Richard Jones) and Lily St Regis (Amanda Campbell)

5) Annie (Jodie Lunnon) meets President Roosevelt (John Kelland)

6) Party Time with Annie (Jodie Lunnon), Warbucks (Martyn Lench), Grace (Siān Major) and the Servants

7) Drake (Ian Jones) and Grace Farrell (Siān Major)

8) Rooster and Lily try to deceive Warbucks and Miss Farrell in the guise of Ralph and Shirley Mudge

9) "Were Getting a New Deal for Christmas"