Jekyll & Hyde

                          Below is a selection of photographs from Jekyll & Hyde, Performed Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th, Thursday 7th, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th April  2011, at Pentyrch Village Hall.            


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Rich Chorus


                                                                                                                 Back row (Left - Right)

                                                        Steve Williams, Joey Evans, Martyn Lench, Phil Davies, John Crimmins, Iain Campbell

                                                                                                                  Front Row (Left - Right)

           Lynne Newbury, Jan Stapleton, Sian Williams, Tim Driscoll, Sarah-Jen Gazzard, John Sadlar, Sue O'Halloran, Tony Burnell, Karen Claridge       

Poor Chorus


                                                                                                        Back row middle: Michael Bennett

                          Back row (Left - Right): Steve Williams, Andreas Constantinou, Bob Petersen, Becky Church, Carla Gambarini, Laura Hallas

                                                       Upper middle row (Left - Right): Jenn Chandler, Huu Luu, Rhys Stapleton, Angela Driscoll

                                                           Lower middle row (Left - Right) Abigail Dawson, Anna Constantinou, Hannah Roberts

                                              Bottom row (Left - Right) Emma Larder, Iain Campbell, Jayne Edwards, Fleur Greening, Sam Logan


                                                                                 Lucy & The Red Rat Girls

                                                                    Back row (Left - Right): Angela Driscoll, Becky Church, Anna Constantinou

                                      Middle row (Left - Right): Emma Larder, Hannah Roberts, Mel Stevens, Carla Gambarini, Abigail Dawson

                                                                                      Front row (Left - Right): Fleur Greening, Laura Hallas


                                                                                        Jekyll & Red Rat Girls


                      Back row (Left - Right): Becky Church, Fleur Greening, Mel Stevens, Michael Bennett, Laura Hallas, Anna Constantinou

                                 Front row (Left - Right): Angela Driscoll, Emma Larder, Hannah Roberts, Carla Gambarini, Abigail Dawson


                  Emma, Jekyll, Lucy & Red Rat Girls                         Spider & Red Rat Girls


       Back row (Left - Right): Becky Church, Fleur Greening, Sarah-Jenn Gazzard,              Back row (Left - Right): Becky Church, Fleur Greening, Mel Stevens  

                  Michael Bennett, Mel Stevens, Laura Hallas, Anna Constantinou                           Andreas Constantinou, Laura Hallas, Anna Constantino

               Front row (Left - Right): Angela Driscoll, Emma Larder, Hannah Roberts,          Front row (Right - Left): Angela Driscoll, Emma Larder, Hannah Roberts,

                                       Carla Gambarini, Abigail Dawson                                                                          Carla Gambarini, Abigail Dawson

                                                                  Michael Bennett Is Jekyll /Hyde



                                                                                                                 Top Left - Bottom Right:

Michael Transforming from Jekyll into Hyde (Alive), Michael sings from the Rostra, Hyde Photo shoot, Jekyll injecting himself with formula, Jekyll at his Lab mixing formula

Lucy & Emma



          Lucy (Mel Stevens) & Emma Carew (Sarah-Jenn Gazzard) sing 'In His Eyes' beautifully                                   Lucy gazes out longingly


                                                         Lucy mid song accompanied by spectacular lighting & spot on the right, incredible lighting effects


Murder Murder Ensemble


     Top row (Left - Right): Emma Larder, Anna Constantinou, Jenn Chandler, Angela Driscoll, Abigail Dawson, Rhys Stapleton, Becky Church, Fiona Jackson,      Bob Petersen

Front (Left - Right): Hannah Roberts, Laura Hallas, Andreas Constantinou, Huu Luu, Iain Campbell, Fleur Greening, Jayne Edwards

Left - Right: Jenn Chandler, Anna Constantinou, Emma Larder, Fiona Jackson, Fleur Greening, Angela Driscoll, Becky Church, Rhys Stapleton, Bob Petersen

Ensemble Murder Murder ending

Facade Reprise 2, Spider & Ensemble

Andreas Constantinou leads the reprise from the front, assisted by Red Rat Girls & Poor chorus