Move Over Mrs Markham

By Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Directed by John Kelland

Performed on Thursday 16 March - Saturday 18 March 2006 at Pentyrch Village Hall.


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Three couples separately plan to use an empty flat for some extra-marital high jinks while the owners, Philip and Joanna Markham, are out for the evening. The play is set in a very elegant top floor London flat, belonging to Philip and Joanna Markham. Philip is a publisher of children's books, and he shares an office with his partner, Henry Lodge, on the ground floor. It is a warm summer evening. The Markhams' are about to leave for a Publishers' Dinner, unaware that at least three other people have designs on the empty flat. So, three illicit couples, one apartment and when the Markhams' evening out is cancelled, it is too late to let any of the parties know and three sets of hopeful lovers all converge on the bedroom at the same time. The frantic efforts of the Markhams to hide the amorous goings-on and, at the same time sign up Miss Smythe, lead to a hectic and hilarious evening, with revolving doors, jangling telephones, misdirected love notes, a well-stocked bar, mistaken identities, assorted pajamas and undies...

NODA Review of 'Move Over Mrs Markham'

The Spring choice for this group was the hilarious comedy by Ray Cooney and John Chapman. It is years since I last saw this farce and it always comes up fresh. Steve Williams as Alistair Spenlow, the decorator with amorous designs on Sylvie, the glamorous Swedish au pair (Menna Davies) was brilliant. His timing and his dead pan expressions were spot on and really set the tempo for the whole evening. Joanna Markham (the wife) was well played by Siān Major and her jealous husband, Phillip by Phil Davies. Henry Lodge – Phillip’s business partner (Ian jones) hopes to borrow the apartment for a tryst with his girlfriend Miss Wilkinson (Anna Constantinou). In the meantime, his wife Linda (Karen Clardige) is also hoping to use the apartment for a bit of fun with her lover Walter Pangbourne (Dennis Stallard). Finally in the midst of all the comings and goings Olive Harriet Smythe arrives at the apartment to sign a contract as an author of children’s books. All very complicated but beautifully put together by John Kelland and a very talented cast.

 Reviewed by Derek Grattidge on behalf of Frank Wooles


Joanna Markham                  Siān Major

Alistair Spenlow                    Steve Williams

Sylvie                                       Menna Davies

Linda Lodge                          Karen Claridge

Philip Markham                     Phil Davies

Henry Lodge                          Ian Jones

Walter Pangbourne              Dennis Stallard

Olive Harriet Smythe            Brenda Slaughter

Miss Wilkinson                      Anna Constantinou


Production Team


Director                                    John Kelland


Assistant Director                 John Major


Continuity                               Anne Morris


Stage Manager                      Wayne Brewer


Assistant Stage Manager   Raynor Phinnemore


Properties                               Raynor Phinnemore


Set Design/Construction    Wayne Brewer, Raynor Phinnemore, Rhys Stapleton, Josh Cripp, Nathan Brown


Lighting                                   Huw Davies


Sound                                      Greg Jenkins


Business Manager               Bob Petersen


Front of House Manager    Bob Petersen


Front of House                     Members & Friends of Hilltop


Box Office                              Brenda Slaughter


Poster Image Design          Michael Lloyd Williams