By Norman Robbins

Directed by Bob Petersen

Performed on Wednesday 24 - Saturday 27 November 2004 at Pentyrch Village Hall


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In this pantomime adaptation of the Grimm's story, some children are discovered playing Ladderwords, changing one word to another, a single letter at a time, retaining an actual word during each change. Grettle says she can change Flax to Gold. Unfortunately the King , whose gold has been mysteriously disappearing, hears this and mistakes this for an actual boast. He orders Grettle to work the change or she will lose her head, much to the protests of the Prince who is in love with her. She is shut in the tower to perform the task and the gnome, Rumpelstiltzkin, comes to offer to help her - at a price. We then follow the story in the details of the defeat of the gnome by the guessing of his secret name and despite other complications from the wicked Baron and his henchmen, all end happily.

NODA Review of 'Rumpelstiltzkin'

Ho, ho, ho and its panto time again. And I couldn’t have had a better one to start the season than this light, frothy and very funny Rumpelstiltzkin at Pentyrch Village Hall in November. Grettle, a clever girl adept at playing Ladderwords (changing one word to another by altering a single letter at a time) changes ‘flax’ to ‘gold’ and creates confusion and chaos. A delightful strong performance by Leigh Coggins, well supported by Charlotte Hayward as her young friend Rosamund. King Marmaduke and Queen Matilda, colourfully played by John Major and Heather Major, are royally short of gold and, mistaking her ability, demand that she replenish the coffers – or else. It’s gallant prince Roland to the rescue, together with his friend, Alan, in fine dashing performances by Menna Davies and Helen Page. But wicked Baron bludshot, played with sneering evil by John Crimmins, is also after the mythical gold, hilariously hindered by his incompetent henchmen, Smash and Grabb - well played comedy by Steve Williams and Phil Davies. In good team work, Martyn Lench was an impressive Dame as the bold and brassy mother Hubbard, with Dai Williams doing a great job cranking up the laughter as Sammy Slowcoach. Together with blue cheese, Tracey Richards was the stuff that nightmares are made of as a monstrous, horrible green dwarf, the thoroughly nasty Rumpelstiltzkin. A great team of youngsters, enthusiastic and eager, giving all their worth, were a delight to watch with just a few of the ‘ah’ moments reserved for Rolex, the dog, played by Sian Davies. A secure and straightforward production by Bob Petersen was attractively backed by interesting and unusual musical numbers selected by Musical Director, Linda Coombes, which were always appropriate to the storyline. We all had a good night out with the best of community theatre.

Reviewed by Frank Wooles


King Marmaduke                  John Major

Queen Matilda                       Heather Major

Prince Roland                       Menna Davies

Alan                                         Helen Page

Rosamund                            Charlotte Hayward

Mother Hubbard                  Martyn Lench

Grettle                                     Leigh Coggins

Sammy Slowcoach             Dai Williams

Baron Bludshot                   John Crimmins

Smash                                    Steve Williams

Grabb                                     Phil Davies

Rumpelstiltzkin                   Tracy Richards

Rolex the Dog                      Sian Davies

Adult Chorus, Villagers, Guards, Courtiers, Soldiers

                                                 Rhys Stapleton, Richard Jones, Sara Pickard, Jan Stapleton, Elen Clee

Childrens Chorus, Villagers, Golden Spiders 

                                                 Megan Thomas, Bethany Petersen, Aimee Blair, Carla Gambarini, Conor Brewer, Abby Dawson, Megan Lewis,

                                                 Elinor, Brewer, Megan Hayward, Matthew Brettle, Tomas Brettle


Production Team

Producer/Director                    Bob Petersen

Assistant Director                    Ruth Crowder

Director's Assistant                 Mary Hampson

Musical Director                       Linda Coombes

Choreographer                        Jocelyn Elmer

Stage Manager                         Wayne Brewer

Assistant Stage Manager      Raynor Phinnemor

Properties                                 Jan Stapleton

Assistant Properties              Raynor Phinnemor

Set Design & Construction  Wayne Brewer, Rhys Stapleton, Raynor Phinnemor, Josh Cripp

Wardrobe Mistress                 Ros Jones

Wardrobe Assistant               Jan Stapleton

Specialist Makeup                  Karen Claridge, Anne Morris

Lighting and Sound               Wayne Brewer

Business Manager                 Bob Petersen

House Manager                      Bob Petersen

Front of House                        Members / Friends of Hilltop

Box Office                                 Brenda Slaughter