The Corn is Green

                                                                     By Emlyn Williams

            Director: Karen Claridge, Assistant Director: Anne Morris

        Performed from Thursday 21st - Saturday 23rd June 2012


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Miss Moffat is an educated, middle aged English woman who settles in the remote Welsh mining village of Glansarno during the late 1890’s and is determined to establish a school for children and villagers who work in the mine. Miss Moffat is accompanied by her Cockney servant Mrs Watty, who is a reformed thief, and Mrs Watty’s wilful teenage daughter Bessie who is out of place in such a quiet scholarly environment.

Miss Ronberry, a middle aged gentlewoman is drafted in along with Mr Jones a Welsh Minister to help run the school. The Squire initially opposes the plans but is converted when he encounters the force of nature that is Miss Moffat who discovers the hidden talent of Morgan Evans, a young Welsh miner. Realising the potential in Morgan and supported by the Squire, a punishing learning plan is undertaken in an effort for Morgan to win a scholarship to Oxford University. Against all odds Morgan is close to realising his dream, but succumbs to the relentless pressures of study and being at odds with Miss Moffat, he falls prey to the seductive, female charms of Bessie. Subsequently Morgan risks losing everything he has worked so hard to achieve, leading to a dramatic, nail biting conclusion. Ending with a heartfelt plea from Miss Moffat helping him to see his true life path and discovering in the process, one for herself she could not have envisaged. The action of the play takes place in the living room of a house in Glansarno, a small village in the remote Welsh countryside. The time is the latter part of the nineteenth century and covers a period of 3 years.

Cast: Order of Appearance

(Cast: Left - Right) Becky Church, (Villager: Abby Dawson), Flora Kerridge, Donald Johnson, Cerys Morling, Jared Chinnock, Hywel Davies, Delyth Coleman, Huw Williams, Tom Powell, Rhys Stapleton, (Villager: Carla Gambarini), Fiona Jackson

  Mr John Goronwy Jones                      Hywel Davies

  Miss Ronberry                                      Cerys Morling

  Idwal Morris                                         Jared Chinnock

  Sarah Pugh                                           Becky Church

  Groom                                                  Rhys Stapleton

  The Squire                                            Huw Williams

  Bessie Watty                                        Flora Kerridge

  Mrs Watty                                            Fiona Jackson

  Miss Moffat                                          Delyth Coleman

  Robbart Robbatch                                Chris Conway

  Glyn Thomas                                        Conor Brewer

  Morgan Evans                                      Tom Powell

  Old Tom                                               Donald Johnson


Under 18 Villagers

Abby Dawson, Alice Liney, Bethan Evans, Bethan Roberts, Cadi Karroumi, Elinor Brockhurst, Freya Roberts, Hannah Davies, Holly Dow, Jenna Claridge, Lauren Dow, Mali Karroumi/ Connor Dunne, Iestyn Jones, Morus Jones

Adult Villagers

Bethan Karroumi, Carla Gambarini, Elaine Thompson, Hayley Dunne, Irene Dow, Pamela Lewis, Sara Pickard

Production Team

Director                             Karen Claridge

Assistan Director               Anne Morris

Prompt                               Helen Page

Stage Manager                   Wayne Brewer

Backstage Manager           Rhys Stapleton

Set Design                          Rhys Stapleton, Wayne Brewer

Scenic Painting                  Rhys Stapleton, Wayne Brewer, Carla Gambarini, John Grainger

Stage Construction            Wayne Brewer, Rhys Stapleton, John Grainger

Properties                          Jan Stapleton, Laura Thompson

Wardrobe                          Jan Stapleton, Sue Gambarini

Make-up                           Nikki Jones

Hair                                   Victoria Northbrook

Business                            Rhys Stapleton, Richard Jones

Marketing                          Rhys Stapleton, Richard Jones

Programme                        Rhys Stapleton

Poster Design                    Rhys Stapleton

Bar                                    Ray Claridge

House Manager                Iain Campbell

House Staff                       Sue Gambarini, Roz Jones, Members of Hilltop

Box Office                        Brenda Slaughter