By Arthur Miller

Directed by Romy Thomas

Performed on Thursday 17 - Saturday 19 June 2004 at Pentyrch Village Hall


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NODA Review of 'The Crucible'

This exciting drama about the puritan purge of witchcraft is both a gripping historical play and a trendy parable from contemporary society. The story focuses upon a young farmer, his wife and a young servant girl who maliciously causes problems. A courageous choice for any drama group but how well Hilltop accepted the challenge. There were stunning performances by Dai Williams as the young farmer (John Proctor), Sian Davies as his wife (Elizabeth ) and Anna Constantinou as Abigail the young servant. Other to stand out in a very strong cast were Phil Davies as Rev. John Hale, John Major as Rev. Samuel Parris and Tom Dyer as Dep. Gov. Danforth. There were nice cameo parts by Tracy Richards (Rebecca), George Atkins (Giles) and Freddie Fox (Francis). Well done Hilltop and welcome to NODA. I hope I have the opportunity to visit you again.

Reviewed by Derek Grattidge on behalf of Franks Wooles.


Betty Parris                  Megan Thomas

Rev Samuel Parris     John Major

Tituba                            Heather Major

Abigail Williams          Anna Constantinou

Susanna Wallcot        Sara Pickard

Mrs Ann Putnam        Bernadette Powell

Thomas Putnam        John Hurley

Mercy Lewis               Helen Page

Mary Warren               Lucy Jones

John Proctor              Dai Williams

Rebecca Nurse          Tracy Richards

Giles Corey                 George Atkins

Rev John Hale           Phil Davies

Elizabeth Proctor      Sian Davies

Francis Nurse            Fred Fox

Marshal Herrick         Rhys Stapleton

Ezekiel Cheever        Richard Jones

Judge Hathorne        Steve Williams

Dep Gov Danforth    Tom Dyer

Sarah Good                Jan Stapleton


Production Team

Director                                         Romy Thomas

Producer                                       Jan Stapleton

Prompt                                          Brenda Slaughter

Stage Manager                           Wayne Brewer

Assistant to Stage Manager    Bob Petersen

Assistant Stage Manager         Raynor Phinnemor

Stage Construction                   Wayne Brewer, Bob Petersen, Martin Chard, Raynor Phinnemor, Rhys Stapleton

Lighting                                        Wayne Brewer

Sound                                           Raynor Phinnemor

Costumes                                    Jan Stapleton

Properties                                    Raynor Phinnemor, Jan Stapleton

Business Manager                    Ros Jones

Bar Managers                             Sian Major, Hayley Major

House Manager                          Bob Petersen

Front of House                           Members & Friends of Hilltop

Box Office                                    Heather Major