Wyrd Sisters

Written by Terry Pratchett / Adapted by Stephen Briggs. Directed by Martyn Lench.

Performed on Thursday 06 December - Saturday 08 December 2007 at Pentyrch Village Hall


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Part of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, this is a mystical fantasy comedy based on Shakespeare's MacBeth, in which three witches meddle in royal politics and battle against frightful odds to put the rightful king on the throne. Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Lancre. It has been taken over by a somewhat unhinged tyrant, after Duke Felmet has murdered his cousin, King Verence 1 of Lancre. The three witches (the wyrd sisters) - the fearsome Granny Weatherwax, the easy going Nanny Ogg and the timid Magrat Garlick - realise that the land is not happy with its current ruler and that something needs to be done. After King Lancre's crown and his abandoned baby son, named Tomjon, have been given to them by an escaping servant, the three witches then hand the crown and the child to a troupe of traveling actors, acknowledging that destiny will eventually take its course and that Tomjon will grow up to defeat Duke Felmet. However, the kingdom is angry and doesn't want to wait 15 years. So, using sorcery and magic, the three witches hatch a plan to reinstate the King's natural heir by moving the kingdom 15 years into the future so that Tomjon will be old enough to take the crown and become king. This is an ambitious plan which has some unexpected results!!!


Terry pratchett's fantasy, Discworld, clashed with the Pentyrch Village Hall, in December, with a chuckling and not too reverent parody of Macbeth. It helps to have a knowledge of Shakespeares's play and an understanding of Pratchett's strange world to unravel the plot - starting with the weird sisters who are three benign witches - every village should have one. The matriarch witch, Granny Weatherwax, the maternal Nanny Ogg and the junior witch Magrat Garlick, well played and contrasted characters by Ruth Crowder, Tracy Richards, and Menna Davies, have a baby and a crown thrust upon them which they immediately off-load to a troupe of strolling players. The baby is heir to king Verence, who was murdered by his cousin Duke Felmet, a spluttering performance by Ian Jones, pre-occupied in guilt ridden hand washing, dominated by a blood-lusting Duchess, sternly played by Siān Davies. The child grows up to be Tomjon (Richard Jones), a prominent strolling player and, when all is revealed, doesn't want to be King. Do try and keep up! But that's all right because, unbeknown, the charismatic Jester (Dai Williams) is his brother - so he can take over. It's all a bit of fun with enough laughs to make it a good alternative to pantomime. Overseeing the play and acting as narrator, Phil Davies did a sterling job in humorously linking the twenty three vignette scenes and participating in the action. A large cast gave good support as courtiers, guards, peasants etc. and the staging, although basically simple, allowed the many scenes to move swiftly. Director Martyn Lench, was brave and adventurous in undertaking such a complex play and staging for his debut production but can be well pleased with the result.

 Reviewed by Frank Wooles


Granny Weatherwax                   Ruth Crowder

Nanny Ogg                                    Tracy Richards

Magrat Garlick                               Menna Davies

Duke Felmet                                  Ian Jones

Lady Felmet                                  Siān Davies

Fool                                                 Dai Williams

Vitoller / Narrator                         Phil Davies

Mrs Vitoller                                    Heather Major

Demon                                           Steve Williams

King Verence                               John Major

Hywel                                             Huw Williams

Tomjon                                          Richard Jones

Robbers                                        Rhys Stapleton, Simon Jones, Huw Williams, Richard Jones, Mark Gerry

Peasants / Players                     Rhys Stapleton, Simon Jones, Mark Gerry, Sara Pickard, Steve Williams, George Atkins, Sue O'Halloran

Chamberlain                                George Atkins

Death                                             Sue O'Halloran

Bedlin                                            Rhys Stapleton

Gumridge                                     Brenda Slaughter

Witches 1, 2 and 3                      Heather Major, Jenna Claridge, Karen Claridge


Production Team


Director/Producer                      Martyn Lench


Assistant Director                      Anne Morris


Stage Manager                           Wayne Brewer


Assistant Stage Manager        Raynor Phinnemore


Properties                                   Raynor Phinnemore


Set Design & Construction    Wayne Brewer, Raynor Phinnemore, Nathan Brown,


Back Stage                                 Wayne Brewer, Raynor Phinnemore, Nathan Brown, Josh Cripp


Lighting / Sound                       Wayne Brewer


Wardrobe                                    Francis Winter


Make Up                                      Rhiannon Doller, Zara Jones


Business Manager                   Helen Page


Business Team                         Richard Jones, Helen Page, Bob Petersen, Sue O'Halloran


Photography                             Dai Williams


Front of House Manager        Bob Petersen


Front of House                         Members and Friends of Hilltop


Box Office                                  Heather Major