By Thomas Meehan

 Directed by Bob Petersen

 Performed on Wednesday 23rd - Saturday 26th November 2005 at Pentyrch Village Hall



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Annie is a musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip 'Little Orphan Annie'. The music is by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, and the book by Thomas Meehan. Famous songs from the musical include "Tomorrow" and "It's A Hard Knock Life". The story deals with an 11-year-old orphan girl named Annie. Annie is miserable living in the Orphanage which is run by cruel Miss Hannigan. She is bullied by this nasty lady and tries to protect the younger orphans. She tries to escape but is eventually chosen to spend two weeks with billionaire Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks. Though cold and aloof at first, Warbucks comes to like the girl and eventually wants to adopt her. But Annie believes her parents are still alive. Warbucks then publicly announces that he will give a cash reward to her real parents. This prompts a plot to kidnap the girl by the cruel orphanage manager Miss Hannigan, Hannigan's brother Rooster, and his girfriend Lily St. Regis. In the end, they are caught out and everything ends happily.

NODA Review of Annie

A musical first for Hilltop with their staging of the ever popular Annie, at the Pentyrch Village Hall in November. No big theatre, big budgets, big sets and all the trimmings but a simple staging and a production rich in warmth and charm. From the opening score the audience was hooked by the bright eyed enthusiasm and characters of the girls at the New York orphanage. A great team and a joy to watch. Singing without brashness but with sweetness and clear diction, Jodie Lunnon won hearts in a confident and talented performance as rags to riches orphan Annie. The dreaded Miss Hannigan, matron of the orphanage, was a wonderful and fearsome performance by Linda Coombes with hard hitting performances by Richard Jones as her criminal brother, Rooster, and Amanda Campbell his raunchy moll, Lily St Regis in their raucous search for Easy Street. Martyn Lench beautifully sang and played with strength and sensitivity the wealthy industrialist, Oliver Warbucks, and one sensed possible romance with his attractive secretary, Grace Farrell, stylishly played by Si‚n Major. Cameo roles were securely played by Phil Davies as Bert Healy, together with the Boylan Sisters, John Kelland as President Roosevelt with a very competent cabinet, and Ian Jones as the British butler, Drake. Despite the stage limitations the show flowed well through its many scenes in an organised and able production by Bob Petersen and was supported by a backing sensitive to the young performances under the musical direction of Ben Davies. The society can be well pleased with their first venture into musical theatre. The audience certainly was.

 Reviewed by Frank Wooles


Annie                                       Jodie Lunnon


Molly                                        Bethany Petersen


Pepper                                    Katrina Davies


Duffy                                       Megan Thomas


July                                         Carla Gambarini


Tessie                                     Jenna Claridge


Kate                                         Abigail Dawson


Orphans                                 Aimee Blair, Lottie Wigg, Jessie Turner, Ella Powell, Manon Griffiths, Ffion Cox, Alice Liney


Miss Hannigan                     Linda Coombes


Oliver Warbucks                  Martyn Lench


Grace Farrell                         Si‚n Major


Rooster Hannigan              Richard Jones


Lily St Regis                         Amanda Campbell


Drake                                      Ian Jones


A Star to Be                           Sarah JÍn Gazzard


Bundles McCloskey           Mike Sweetman


Sandy                                    Truffle


President Roosevelt          John Kelland


Dog Catchers                      Nathan Brown, Richard Jones


Lt Ward                                  Ian Jones


Sophie/Mrs Greer                Heather Major


Mrs Pugh/Mrs Howe          Hilary Evans


Cecille                                   Charlotte Hayward                         


Bonny Boylan                    Charlotte Hayward


Annette/Connie Boylan   Amy-Rose Topping Morris


Ronnie Boylan                   Sarah JÍn Gazzard


Bert Healy                           Phil Davies


Harold Ickes                       Phil Davies


Fred McCracken               Rhys Stapleton


Cordell Hull                        Rhys Stapleton


S. Effects Lady                  Sue O'Halloran


Henrietta Morgenthau     Sue O’Halloran


Frances Perkins               Karen Claridge


Marine                                 Nathan Brown


Justice Brandeis             Mike Sweetman


Hooverville-ites, Policemen, Servants, New Yorkers 


Elen Clee, Sara Pickard, Lucy Bradshaw, Richard Jones, Amanda Campbell, Ian Jones, Sarah JÍn Gazzard, Mike Sweetman, Heather Major, Hilary Evans, Charlotte Hayward, Amy-Rose Topping Morris, Sarah JÍn Gazzard, Phil Davies, Rhys Stapleton, Sue O’Halloran, Karen Claridge, Nathan Brown, Mike Sweetman, John Kelland.



Production Team


Director/Producer                      Bob Petersen


Director’s Assistant                   Mary Hampson


Musical Director                         Ben Davies


Choreographer                          Jocelyn Elmer


Choreographer’s Assistant    Lucy Bradshaw


Stage Manager                           Wayne Brewer


Assistant Stage Manager        Raynor Phinnemore


Properties                                    Raynor Phinnemore


Set Design & Construction     Wayne Brewer, Raynor Phinnemore, Josh Cripp, Rhys Stapleton, Sarah Gibbon, Owain Davies, Greg Jenkins


Lighting                                        Owain Davies


Sound                                           Greg Jenkins


Continuity                                    Anne Morris


Wardrobe Mistress                    Norma Bousfield, Karen Claridge


Business Manager                    Si‚n Davies


House Manager                         Steve Williams


Bar Manager                              John Major


House Staff                                Members and Friends of Hilltop


Box Office                                  Heather Major, Brenda Slaughter


Child Liaison/Dog Handler   Tracy Richards