Trivial Pursuits

Our Summer 2011 production was the hilarious comedy by Frank Vickery 'Trivial Pursuits'. This was directed by Jan Stapleton performed from Thursday 30th June - Saturday 2nd July.


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 A summer evening's barbeque is the setting for a meeting of the Trealow & District Operatic Society. Next seasons play is being announced but Nick, the Society's business manager, has promised a different show & the plum roles to four different people. As the evening progresses each character's foibles are revealed. Joyce, once talented & well-meaning, is lush; Teddy is alternately sweet & strident; Derek is pathetic but loveable. The complex relationships between players emerge as moments of pure slapstick & farce alternate with ones full of real drama & pathos. Not every hitch is resolves, but at the end of the exploration, by turns ironic & serious, of the joys & heartache of amateur theatrics, we leave the Society intact & its members ready for another season testing the magic & artifice that is theatre.




The travails, intrigues, and egos of the Trealaw and West Amateur Theatrical Society (note the initials) form the basis of Frank Vickery's sharply observed comedy about amateur drama. Such a comedy depends for its success upon immediately credible characters, pace, the support and interaction of the cast rather than plot development. Jan Stapleton's production had all of these qualities to provide an excellent evening of entertainment for an appreciative and substantial audience.

An experienced and very capable cast, slick and pacy direction, an impressive set by Wayne Brewer and his team, provided plenty of laughs.

The outstanding acting performance came from Tim Driscoll as Teddy, the society's 'drama queen.' ably supported by Iain Campbell as Nick, the devious director and Siān Williams as his supportive and deceived wife Roz.

Jayne Edwards as Mona, the society's 'diva,' Karen Claridge as the stressed Treasurer Pearl, Becky Church as Jessica, the bitchy, ambitious and glamorous new member, Bill Pithers, excellent as the depressive Derek, and Tracy Richards as his long suffering, almost ex wife, Deidre.

A great performance from Linda Coombes as Joyce, the society's fading and drunken former 'star' and a lovely cameo from Dai Williams as the television obsessed bore Eddie, complete with authentic 'Brum accent.'

Hilltop continue to impress and improve as it approaches its tenth anniversary. Here's to the next ten years

Review by Tom Dyer



Teddy                              Tim Driscoll

Joyce                               Linda Coombes

Mona                                Jayne Edwards

Pearl                                Karen Claridge

Roz                                   Siān Williams

Jessica                             Becky Church

Derek                              Bill Pithers

Nick                                 Iain Campbell

Deidre                             Tracy Richards

Eddie                               Dai Williams


                                  PRODUCTION TEAM                                        


Producer/Director                          Jan Stapleton

Producer/Assistant Director         Rhys Stapleton

Assistant to the Director               Anne Morris, Roz Jones

Stage Manager                                 Wayne Brewer

Lighting/Sound                               Wayne Brewer

Set Design                                       Rhys Stapleton

Set Painting                                    Rhys Stapleton, Wayne Brewer & Tracey Fox

Stage Construction                        Wayne Brewer & Rhys Stapleton

Properties                                       Lynne Newbury & Anne Morris

Wardrobe                                        Sue Gambarini

Marketing                                        Rhys Stapleton

Business                                           Rhys Stapleton

Programme                                      Rhys Stapleton

Bar Manager                                    Iain Campbell

Front of House Manager                 Susan O'Halloran

Front of House Staff                       Sue Gambarini, Roz Jones & Members of Hilltop

Box Office                                        Sue Gambarini